La Tour des Canadiens as the highest condo tower in Montreal

For those who like to have the prestige saying they live or own a piece of the highest condo tower in Montreal, La Tour des Canadiens is known to be highest building in the city.

Remember that phase 1 of the project is totally sold out but the phase 2 is now selling, get more details La Tour des Canadiens 2 here.

If you want to know what are the tallest condo tower in North America, here is an interesting infographic where it compares the highest condo tower in biggest North American cities.

montreal-highest-condo-buildingSource: BuzzBuzzHome

New York city is unsurprisingly the city with the number one with a 96 storeys building at 432 Park Avenue tower where you could have your lunch in the elevator taking 16 minutes to go to the top floor.

Our proud Tour des Canadiens 1 takes more than 8 minutes to go the 50th floor of the building. Toronto is also doing really great with a 88 storeys building with 1 Yonge condo project.

If you missed the Tour des Canadiens phase 1 and would like to own the phase 2, you can reach call me anytime (438) 887 5236 or contact me here.

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