7 benefits to buy and live in a condo

A typical questions for everyone including us, why should you buy a condo and not a house ? See below a nice infographic mentioning 7 benefits to buy and live in a condo.

More affordable

There is no even never bidding wars for condo which are also more accessible to first time home buyers and everyone who has a regular paycheck.

Maintenance free

No yard work, needless to shovel during the winter and you only need to clean your own unit for yourself

Convenient location

Everything accessible close the location like restaurants, commerce, public transit or jobs. Location, location and location for a great investment too.

Amenities at your footstep

Needless to fight against the snow when you have everything at home: yoga room, billiard room, gym, steam room or meeting room.


Cameras and security concierge are often with the condominium service. There is also no or rare break-ins in a condo versus house.

Smart investment

You will make better return or savings into your condo compare than the 1% return you get with your bank.

Benefit of home ownership

You can do whatever you want with it: live in,rent it, secondary residence or sell it whenever you think it’s good for you.

7-benefits-to-buy-and-ive-in-a-condoThanks to Realty.ca for this great infographic

If you are looking to buy or invest in a condo in Montreal we can help you make money in the Montreal condo market, just contact us now by clicking here.

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