What’s the best condo investment in Montreal for a short-term rental strategy? Or how to make 10K net profit per year ?

On a buy and hold strategy, one of the most profitable way to make money is the short-term rental strategy meaning that you will rent your place daily, weekly or monthly to business travelers, tourists or friends who will need a place in Montreal. If you are currently looking for a real condo investment that makes real […]

Is a condo good choice for everyone?

At Kondos.ca we love condominiums both as place to own and a commodities to invest. So if you are thinking of buying your first property and wondering if a condominium would be a wise decision, here are some tips and infographic to consider before buying a condominium. What are you really looking for? Lifestyle? Are you there a lot of […]

What is the Montreal Home Ownership Program?

Have you ever heard about it? If you are thinking of buying a condo or new property in Montreal, the City of Montreal wants to facilitate home ownership for first time home buyers and encourage developers to build more affordable house for families. Home Ownership Program The City of Montreal offers 2 financial assistance program: […]

THE most anticipated condo project in Montréal of 2016

History repeats itself, and with no surprise the most anticipated condo project in Montreal of 2016 will be the second residential building of La Tour Des Canadiens. It will be a part of Montreal’s visionary new $2 billion Quad Windsor downtown community! Success recipe Everyone is now talking about the next launch of Tour des Canadiens 2 because everyone […]

4 things that define a great pre-built condo investment in Montreal

When investors are looking for a great condo project in Montreal we always have 4 areas to analyse before we present our projects to clients. See below wow we score condominiums and how we select the top investment condos for our clients with 4 things that define a great pre-built condo investment in Montreal. Location Access […]

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