Montreal Condos that allows AirBnB and short term rentals Quel projet de condo investir pour faire du AirBnB à Montréal?

Like any big cities, Montreal is starting to have legal and tax rules on short terme rental like AirBnB. Big question for every condo investor is to be able to make money with their unit without having to deal with the condo board or the neighboor that complains about it. A lot of Montreal’s available […]


Tour des Canadiens 3 – Project insight Everything we know about Tour des Canadiens 3

Tour des Canadiens phase 3 is the most expect new condo project of Montreal 2018 now officially opened to public sales. Tour des Canadiens, long story short Phase 1 was the fastest selling condo project in Montreal condo history. Phase 2 confirmed the excitement and confidence Montreal condo investors has since the project is also […]


Don’t make these first-time homebuyer mistakes 6 common mistakes to avoid as first time homebuyer

Note that this article has been written from our partner Ratehub.ca where you can get great mortgage rate or credit cards insight. I rarely let third party add content on Kondos.ca but be aware that I carefully select them before. You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a condo, congratulations! The process of buying […]


Is a condo good choice for everyone?

At Kondos.ca we love condominiums both as place to own and a commodities to invest. So if you are thinking of buying your first property and wondering if a condominium would be a wise decision, here are some tips and infographic to consider before buying a condominium. What are you really looking for? Lifestyle? Are you there a lot of […]

What’s the best condo investment in Montreal for a short-term rental strategy? Or how to make 10K net profit per year ?

On a buy and hold strategy, one of the most profitable way to make money is the short-term rental strategy meaning that you will rent your place daily, weekly or monthly to business travelers, tourists or friends who will need a place in Montreal. If you are currently looking for a real condo investment that makes real […]

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