When is the best time to buy real estate in Toronto or Montreal?

When is the best time to buy real estate in Toronto or Montreal?

This is the 1 Million dollars questions but before going further try to ask yourself.

When the prices are going up, it is too expensive

People think it will never go up again. So better to wait for a crash because it’s a bubble.

When the prices are  going down, the market is not good

The market is not good, market is not healthy, value won’t increase or it might decreases more.

When the prices stay flat, market can change anytime

There is no value in this market because nothing is happening.

Market can go down or go up, so I’ll wait.

But time is money

We also call that the cost opportunity.

Every time we miss an opportunity, an investment or a project, we never recognize that we are loosing money.

When I purchased my property few years ago, everyone around me were like “it’s too expensive” “value will decrease”, “you’re crazy to take a loan”.

Now, same people are telling “you were right” ” I should have listen to you” and “now I’m out of the market”.

This cost opportunity is the reason why 90% of people loose money without knowing it.

The reason of thinking like that is we (including me) always want to buy low and sell high. But the reality is that it will never be low enough, real estate will always be “pricy” (not saying expensive).


So, when is the good time to buy?

Best time was yesterday, but the real best time is today. Anytime is the best time to buy as long you structure the right deal, the right opportunity.

If you were saying last year that you will buy this year, just do it.

If you were saying few years ago that you will wait for “crash” “bubble” crisis”…where did the money went? Did you make money waiting for it?

Coffee time?

If you have any interest either low or high in real estate, call us or email us to set up a coffee.

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